Why Women Need Specialized Hiking Boots Just For Them

If you are not a serious hiker you may not realize the need for hiking boots that are not only specific to the type of hiking you intend to do but also hiking boots that are gender specific, in this case, hiking boots made just for women. If you are hiking through the woods and in areas where they may be rocks and thorns as well as other hazardous features you need a pair of hiking boots that are going to protect your feet and give you great support and comfort at the same time.

If you have limited experience in choosing hiking boots there are some guidelines to keep in mind that will help you to choose a pair that will work well for you. Do't buy boots just for the look or the brand name you are familiar with and never buy just from a salesperson's recommendation, after all they are usually on commission and that is their primary concern. Below are some of the things to consider.

One of the easiest tests to determine if you have a proper fit is to unlace the boots and then move your foot all the way to the front as far as you can. Now take your index finger and stick it into the back of the boot, if it slides easily down towards the back of the ankle you have a good fit. This tells you that you have a little room at the front which is crucial to comfort.

Another simple test to perform is to remove your socks and place your bare foot into the hiking boot which will allow you to more easily feel any rough spots in the boot as well as tell what areas of the boot may fir too tightly and rub on areas such as the edge of your little toe or your Achilles tendon. The little toes are of particular concern because many people overlook them when trying on hiking boots only to find that when they are on the trail the boots hurt them.

After you have done this put your socks back on and repeat the same thing making sure that the boot is not too snug in any area and at the same time that it is not too loose as well. Be sure that you get a boot that is a little wider if you need it also, these are not meant to fit like running shoes or other shoes you may be accustomed to wearing. Be sure that they are comfortable to walk in and that when you lean forward on the toes that they do not get bound up in the crease of the boot, make sure they are totally comfortable, after all you will be walking many miles in these boots.


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