Camping Gear - Choosing the Right Camping Gear

Choosing camping gear is not about buying the latest, most popular or even the most expensive equipment. Camping equipment should be affordable and suitable for your needs.

The key to choosing the right gear is to know what you will encounter on your camping trip. How long you will be camping also influences what camping gear you would need.

Consider which gear is essential based on the terrain and weather conditions. You can still have many choices of gear which are still practical and functional even if you are on a tight budget.

It's easy to get distracted by all the gear you see in camping stores but you need to focus on the camping gear that you will definitely need and would later prove useful to your needs.

You also wouldn't want to carry too much gear and equipment if you can. The rule of thumb is to carry not more than a third of your body weight.

The strongest camping and hiking gear may be too heavy or lack the features you need so evaluate the conditions of the terrain and decide if you really need gear that may be overkill. Contact the local tourist office to find out about weather conditions and terrain before you start buying new equipment or before you pack what you have already.

Sometimes you will go through a variety of conditions and terrain in the same camping trip so make sure you take this into account when choosing camping gear. For example if you go on a mountain hike, the conditions and terrain would be different at the top of the climb than at the beginning.

If the weather is unpredictable bring rain gear and pack your gear in a waterproof enclosure so that it remains dry.

Making Your Own Camping Checklist

A camping checklist is something that evolves as you gain more experience camping. It not only makes sure that you carry everything that you might need but it also can be used to make sure that you don't carry too much camping equipment.

To make a dynamic camping checklist that you be useful for different occasions make a note of which camping gear you did or did not use and alter you list accordingly.

The camping list may change from each camping trip as you encounter different conditions. This is the trial and error method for choosing the right camping equipment for you.

As you take notes on which equipment works best for different situations and which gear you wish you had or how much of the camping supplies you had used up in your camping trip your list will become better, more useful and more customized to your individual needs.

Making your backpack lighter

While the camping gear checklist can possibly make your backpack lighter by reducing the number of camping, it may take a few camping trips to get it right.

With new technology camping equipment are increasingly lighter and smaller with new designs and materials. Choosing a lighter alternative to the same piece of gear can significantly reduce your overall load. It is not necessary to sacrifice certain essentials just to make your backpack lighter.

A lighter backpack will help you travel more quickly and cover more distances in a day and put less stress on your knees, shoulders, neck and back.

These 5 tips will help you reduce the weight of your backpack.

* Get rid excess - Don't bring extra changes of clothing more than one. Don't bring more than one cooking pot.

* If you are hiking in a group or someone else try to share some of the camping gear that can be conveniently shared like camping tent, camping stove, insect repellent etc.

* Replace camping equipments with lighter versions of it. Lightweight components and simple designs can almost maximize function while minimizing weight.

* Use camping gear that can perform different functions.

* Use travel size versions for consumables like soap and toothpaste and try to reduce packaging.

Traveling with a big load on your back is not fun and most times unnecessary. If that's what you've been doing you'll appreciate how easy it is to travel with a lighter load. Keeping your body in shape can help you carry your load better still.


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